iPad Pro vs Laptops: Are you wondering to buy an iPad Pro instead of a laptop? or Are you confused about which is better or best for you to buy? So here you will get all your answers.

Apple has improved and introduced a lot of things on its recent iPad Pro 12.9 inches. And they are saying that it is your second computer. Comparing a laptop with an iPad Pro can be hard in many points.

Display of iPad Pro & Laptop

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If we compare the display size of an iPad Pro and laptop then it is difficult for iPad Pro to defeat laptops.

Because laptops also come in mini display and also in big display sizes you will get a lot of display sizes for laptops.

But, iPad Pro has 12.9 inches display which is his largest iPad Pro of all time.

Whereas 17.3 inches display size is the largest laptop of all time. I think Apple will introduce more than that also.

But right now iPad Pro has smaller sizes available than laptops.

Performance of iPad Pro & laptop

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If we talk about the performance of an iPad Pro and a laptop of course the performance of a laptop is better than an iPad Pro. But It also matters about your activities.

For what work you are going to use your laptop or an iPad Pro.

Laptops are designed for high performance you can play games do high video editing and photo editing etc.

As the performance of and laptop is better than an iPad Pro but if you are a student or teacher or someone who wants to buy iPad Pro for web browsing, writing notes, for watching a video, playing games, little bit video, and photo editing, etc. Then it can complete your needs.

Gaming on iPad Pro & laptop

Talking about gaming on iPad Pro. Games perform well on iPad Pro and it does not heat up that much faster.

But as you know that on laptops there are a lot of games that are not available on iOS or Android. So we cannot play those games on iPad Pro.

Such as GTA V, Watch Dogs, Just cause 4 such games we cannot play on iPad Pro.

Because they are not available but the games that are available on App Store works very well and you will get very good performance while gaming on iPad Pro.

Features of iPad Pro & laptops

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Comparing features of laptops and an iPad Pro matters in your activities. A laptop comes with a lot of features such as a large number of RAM and Storage, Graphics, high resolution, etc.

And iPad Pro also with a lot of features such as high megapixels of Camera, Face ID, fast charging support, etc.

Now, it is your choice for which work you are going to use your iPad Pro or Laptop.

Software/Application on iPad Pro & laptops

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Now there is a lot of software that is not available on iPad Pro. But the main software and applications are available on iPad Pro such as Microsoft word, excel, office, Photoshop, PDF reader, File Manager, etc.

Whereas on the laptop you can install android applications by using blue stacks.

The battery life of iPad Pro & laptops

Comparing the battery life of a laptop with an iPad Pro. iPad Pro 2020 has 10 hours of battery life whereas laptops have a maximum of 14 hours of battery life.

LG Gram 15 provides you 14 hours of battery life who’s the cost is $1,699,00. iPad Pro also provides 18 Watt Fast Charing.

Traveling with iPad Pro & laptop

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We all travel with our laptops but we have to carry a lot of things with us such as a laptop charger, laptop bag. And it becomes sometimes hard for us to carry it.

But, iPad Pro 2020 is easy to carry in a lot of places. You have to only carry his small Charger, which is easy to carry you can put it in your pocket. It is convenient. If you are a student or a teacher then it is good for you.

Price of iPad Pro & laptop

Acer Predator Helios 300 Gaming Laptop, Core i7 costs for $1,120.00 on(Amazon)

iPad Pro 2020  (12.9 inches, Wi-Fi, 512GB) costs for $1,249.00 on (Amazon)

FAQ for an iPad Pro vs Laptop

Is an iPad Pro as good as a Laptop?

Personally, I am not ready yet to replace my laptop with an iPad Pro 2021. Even it has the most powerful chip (Apple M1) with powerful performance. Because, the iPadOS is not yet capable of more multitasking, and doesn’t have a bigger screen like laptops.

Is it better to get an iPad Pro over laptop?

In my opinion, it fully depends on your work and daily usage. If you want a device only for watching movies, dramas, Netflix, etc., then you can go for the iPad Pro 2020 or 2021 depends on your budget. But, if you want a device for works like heavy editing, photo editing, blogging, multitasking, then I will recommend you for going for laptops.

Conclusion on iPad Pro vs Laptop

I like the iPad Pro because it is easy to carry. It can be different in your case. The performance is the best on Laptop. And iPad Pro can definitely not defeat him.

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