Today I will give you my review on the Samsung Galaxy M20. I had used it for almost 1 Year. So, that means I can give you a good Review of this Phone.
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If we look at the design of the Galaxy M20. It has a plastic body at the back. It has a 6.3” inches glass display. Its Weight is 186 gram which is not too much. You will also get a fast
It has a Dual SIM setup with a Memory card Setup. I am using Android 10, One UI 2 on this Phone. I have faced some lags with this device I think it was because of overload on this mobile or it was from the software then I just realized that it was because of my overload on this device.
Sometimes when I turn on my Galaxy M20, I feel like my display has been lagged. And then I have to force myself to turn off it and then agreed on it to fix that thing.
Samsung Galaxy M20 camera is pretty much good. You will get a 13-megapixel main camera and a five-megapixel Ultra-Wide camera. If you click a picture with Ultra-Wide camera you will get a blurry image.
Samsung-Galaxy-m20, getthetechnow, Samsung-Galaxy-m20-review, Samsung-Galaxy-m20-review-2020
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You can record 1080P with 30 FPS Video which results in good. You can record a video with a lot of filters.
You will get a single camera and on the front with 8 megapixels. The video result is not that much good on the front camera.
Samsung Galaxy M20 comes with two different variants 3GB RAM and 4GB RAM. I am using 3GB RAM. If you play PUBG on this mobile it will run pretty much good for a temporary time then your phone will heat up and it will start lagging.
I mentioned that it has two different variants. so if you buy a 4GB RAM variant you will get 64GB storage and if you buy a 3GB RAM variant you will get 32GB storage. This amount of storage was enough for me because I was using a memory card.
Let’s talk about some features that do a lot of features on this phone like Device care, Dark mode, Smart pop-up view, Game launcher, Dual messenger, Blue light filter, Power mode, focus mode, and much more.
Samsung-Galaxy-m20, getthetechnow, Samsung-Galaxy-m20-review, Samsung-Galaxy-m20-review-2020
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So let’s talk about the battery life of Samsung Galaxy M20. It has a 5000 MAH battery. Honestly speaking at the battery life works fantastic for me. For example, if I’m using YouTube and the browser for an entire day I can save 20% charger in a day.
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Main Specs

 Display Resolution   1080 x 2340 Pixels
 GPU  Mali-G71 MP 2
 Chip  Exynos 7904
 Charging  Fast Charging 15 Watt
 Colors Ocean Blue and
Charcoal Black
 Loudspeaker  Yes
 Price  $165.99

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You should not expect that much from Samsung Galaxy M20. This phone is not for your high specs games. You can use this phone as your secondary phone or the one phone that you want to give to your kids. Who does not use the phone that much the one who needs the phone for Only YouTube, WhatsApp, Facebook, and other social media platforms or for calling?
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