Have you ever wondered, about locking your apps on iPhone or iPad? If yes, then you will be happy to hear that there is a way to lock your apps on iOS. 

And don’t worry it is not some kind of hacking or using 3rd party apps, we will use a pre-installed app called “Shortcuts” on iPhone or iPad to lock our apps.

There are other ways also but we will use the easiest way to lock apps on iOS. Just follow the steps mentioned below to start locking your apps on your iPhone/iPad.

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How to Lock Apps on iPhone/iPad

  1. Open the app “Shortcuts” on your iDevice (iPhone/iPad).
  2. There will be a plus icon on the top right corner tap on it.
  3. Name your Shortcut the app you want to lock (for example, Instagram).
  4. There will be a big button saying “Add Action” tap on it.
  5. Now, search for Ask for input, If, Open App, and Show Alert.
  6. Tap on the ‘Text’ to change it to ‘Number’, and then tap on ‘Prompt’ and type ‘Passcode’.
  7. Under the If action tap on ‘Condition’ and select ‘is’ and then type your passcode (for example, 1234).
  8. Drag the Open App action under the if action.
  9. Now choose the app by tapping on ‘App’ (for example, Instagram).
  10. Drag the Show Alert action under Otherwise.
  11. Type ‘Wrong’ instead of ‘Do you want to continue?’
  12. To change the icon, tap on the top right corner, and then Add to Home Screen. Just tap on the current icon and change it with your app icon (for example, Instagram icon).
  13. Tap on Add
  14. Done

Now, whenever you will tap on that icon it will ask you for a passcode. I will recommend you to remove the actual App (for example, Instagram) from the Home Screen. To do so, tap and hold the app, then Remove App, and then Remove from Home Screen.


I hope this was helpful for you, but the only drawback of this trick is that the app can easily be opened thought the App Libery. But if a person trying to open your app who doesn’t know about app libery then this will work great for you.

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