Download Instagram reels and posts on iOS and Android for Free


Instagram is one of the most popular social media applications out on the internet. In this application, people from all over the world share their knowledge, lifestyle, and more. Recently Instagram introduced a feature called “Reels” on which you can upload your small videos the same as you do on TikTok. So, if you want … Read more

How to backup iPhone/iPad to iTunes & iCloud [2021]


In this article, you will learn how to backup iPhone/iPad to iTunes and iCloud. It is very essential to backup your data, especially when you want to change your iPhone/iPad, format your iPhone/iPad for certain reasons, or if you want to install a beta iOS version on your iPhone/iPad. So, there are two simple ways … Read more

How to Speed up Android Phone performance [6 ways]

Speed up Android Phone performance

How to Speed Up Android Phone When you bought your Android phone it was running smoothly, but after few months, it started to lag. How to fix it? Here is the solution. We will discuss 6 Steps to Speed up Android Phone performance. If your Android Phone Speed has been slowed down and you are wondering … Read more

How to backup contacts on Android


Backup is very necessary when you have to change your phone. To backup contacts on Android is not hard. There is only one fastest and easiest method to back up contacts from android devices which is thorough Gmail. The Gmail the method can be done by only using your Android Device. Now let’s start the process. To back up your contacts from your Android … Read more

How to reset Samsung tablet


image by getthetechnow If you were searching for how to reset the Samsung tablet then you have to stick here read below.   Here you will learn: How to factory reset Samsung tablet How to hard reset Samsung tablet Before Resetting Backup your Tablet first. Contacts Photos and Videos Files How to factory reset Samsung Tablet This process … Read more